Nothing is more boring than trying to sustain a conversation with a girl who isn’t interested in you. Infact there is popular saying that goes thus; If she doesn’t keep the conversation flowing, she is probably not interested.

Now the big question is “How do i make girls interested in chatting with me?

There is no answer to this question because different girls want to talk about different things, some don’t want to talk about anything at all, they just want to be left alone.

How Do I Make Girls Interested In Chatting With Me?

So it depends on you to be able to read a girl’s mood and determine what she will like to talk about or not. You have to figure out a conversation topic that engages different particular girls, else you will be wasting your time.

Some girls love to talk about movies, some other about Social media, some other about make ups. Some want to exchange dirty jokes, some others want to gossip. So you need to figure this out fast, else you will be having a conversation all by yourself.

So if you are among the people wondering “How do i make girls interested in chatting with me?”, you need to know a few things to help you keep every conversation with every girl interesting and engaging.

Sometimes it may be best to ask them, put it politely and ask a girl “What so you enjoy chatting about?” , “What conversation topics make you excite?”, “What are you curious about?” etc

These are the topics you should add to your conversations with her. Talk to her about her interests that way you will make it easy for her to chat with you.

Spice your conversations up a little with different relate topics and the things you know. Don’t go all out to disclose everything about you else she may become uninterested.

A little mistery here and there could keep her interesting in chatting with you.

You also have to look attractive to a girl to get her interest. So remove that funny looking photo from your Whatsapp DP and replace it with a more attractive looking photo.

Ensure you look clean in your appearance and talk intelligently because research has shown that most women are atracted to intelligent guys.

So stop wondering “How do i make girls interested in chatting with me?” and start making her interested in you right away.

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