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Get Whatsapp Numbers Online

Get Whatsapp Numbers Online

Hi there,

I am Melissa. I am new to this. I am just looking to meet some new friends maybe some romance but we can see how it goes. I am an outgoing girl, and I am free spirited so I like to go with the flow. I love being adventurous, trying new things as well as new foods. I love doing things outside of my comfort zone in order to make new memories.

Hopefully, I can find someone to make some new fun memories with ?

I am looking for someone to make new fun memories with. Someone who is adventurous and is looking to just have some fun and we can pamper each other.

Name: Melissa
Age: 25 years
Location: Canada
Whatsapp Number: +106523020145

Get Whatsapp Numbers Online


My name is Grace and I am from Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand. I am authentic, friendly, passionate, caring., laid back, deep and intuitive. I enjoy dancing and music ~ mainly afrobeat and dancehall, sometimes oldies or hip-hop. I love swimming, waterfalls, hikes- anything in nature. Go to the gym regularly. Studying indigenous medicine and massage. Kinda woke. Here for equal treatment and justice. Open to questions 🙂

I am looking for a man who isn’t macho 24-7 and enjoys dancing. Respectful. Fun. Able to communicate his thoughts openly. In touch with his emotions. Pretty open-minded when it comes to what I’m looking for. Spiritual is a plus.

Name: Grace
Age: 23 years
Location: New Zealand
Whatsapp Number: +649428942586

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