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I am a med student in my early 20’s & I am still growing. I am still exploring and gaining knowledge. I want something refreshing. Someone who can make me laugh & become my best friend first. Willing to talk long distance. Understand I am still going to school right now & I am molding my life. School is my main concern with everything else following after. Preferably I enjoy conversing with older males, but I am open. I will not be doing the texting over the phone all day. If that’s your style please don’t message me! Actions people!”

I am looking for someone who has a flexible schedule, mind & heart. Someone who is still growing or is going to support my growth. Someone that’s is different from others.**someone who has time for a relationship**

Name: Miyaramona
Age: 20 Years
Occupation: Student
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Whatsapp Number:
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