Name: Kimmy
Age: 24 Years
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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I’m a serious, independent and passionate woman who LOVES to dance. I’m currently studying in Law hoping to be an immigration lawyer. I have a background in social work and I teach dance (all types !) full time. I enjoy long walks in the city, I love my cat, and I’m a total foodie.

I enjoy traveling and learning every day. Learning new languages is an everyday drug! I’m creative, easy-going and I love to read. I’m particularly passionate about sub-Sahara African¬†cultures.

For those who are curious, I’m quarter jamaican, quarter scotishand half quebecer. My mothertongue is french, but I’m fluent in English and I speak jamaican patois, haitian creole and Fon gbe.

Looking for an open-minded and curious guy. We have to share the same values and be honest about our goals and what we want in life. I’m also open-minded. Someone active, smart, who has a sense of initiative and who has clear and passionate goals in life.

I’m going to be frank about it; I like older guys because of my maturity status. Careful; 34 years old MAXIMUM.

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