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Name: Dadyena
Age: 23 Years
Location: Fort Mitchell, Alabama, USA

American Girls Whatsapp Numbers

My name is Dadyena it’s not a common name so it’s ok to mess it up lol. For now, I’m doing a year of community service and it’s awesome, I served in Texas after the hurricane Harvey and gotta say I learned a lot because of it. Well, I always think of myself as a respectful woman until someone thinks it’s ok to disrespect me or someone I care about, but I think that’s the same for everyone I guess. I think I like everything, not that I’m an easy person (I wish lol) but I like to enjoy the energy coming from every little thing. Like a sunrise or how clear it is right after the fog, it’s a quiet experience that anybody should feel once in their lives. I don’t think I’m funny but I do like to laugh.

I’m looking for someone who can let me be a priority in his life. Who Knows what he wants, and most important be himself. He would like to have a smart conversation about philosophy, religion, politic or any subject that can grow him as a better human being, make me laugh, be respectful.

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